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Hip Hop Crew

Where you can find us.

We are available for Pop-up's, Weddings, and Parties'. Please contact us to schedule an event. 

Monday - Tuesday 10:00am - 5:00 pm by phone anytime by email and social media we will respond as soon as possible.

Please visit us on social media platforms for future events.



It'z A Rap is a family-owned food truck business.   Lee & Kim sent a photo to their children at 5:30 am on March 12th, 2020. This photo was significant for so many reasons. It marked the beginning of a new journey for the family. A future of good food, lots of fun, rap music, and plenty hard work. The family have been cooking while jamming to music their entire lives. One day the idea just hit them! Let us take all the things we love and put them on a truck to share with the world. Their now ready to bring unique experience of food, fun, and music on the road. IT'z A Rap Food Truck is born!! All food is based on songs from rappers. We hope you are ready!! Let's enjoy the Journey 


Who We Are

IT'z a Rap

IT'z A RAP FoodTruck


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Cater 2 U


Interested in Our Catering Services? 

Let us do all the work.  Let us help you with the food.  Whatever you desire we will supply ya. Let us cater to you What do you want to eat? Let us feed you. Let us cater to you we got your breakfast, dinner, sides, and so much more.  Anything you want, It'z A Rap wants to cater to you.  Thank you in advance for choosing us.  We just want to take the stress away from you having to do all the cooking for your event.  So if there is something you need us to do?  If you want it, (We got it).  Say the word (We will try it).   So let It'z A Rap foodtruck cater to you.

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